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How We Started

As an interior decorator and home stager, I work with clients at a time in their lives when huge transitions are happening. These transitions (whether it be their actual home or just the feeling inside of it) often produce decor and artwork that they are ready to let go of. On the flip side, they are looking to replace the old with new. 

Client's would often ask me what they could do with their items and the only real option in Calgary was to donate it or try to sell on marketplace - both with their own downsides. I saw clients call junk removal companies out of sheer frustration and beautiful modern trendy decor that was worth a lot of money got tossed!

(insert cliche line over black and white photo) - "There had to be another way!!".

Opening Unshelf Design

I opened Unshelf Boutique to give my clients and all Calgarians a place to bring their home goods where they would make money and could feel great doing so. Firstly, second hand shopping plays a huge role in sustainability by keeping items out of the landfills and allowing others to enjoy them for longer. Secondly, items that we cannot sell or that we choose not to consign get donated to wonderful local charities - so you are still giving back! Consider us the stop before donation, and the reprieve from the headaches of selling on kijiji/marketplace.

Why Unshelf Design

We are not your average consignment store - and we are also not a thrift store.

Unshelf boutique is a unique shopping experience focused specifically on home decor and beautification. We exclusively carry items that create joyful moments in your home, whether that be pillows and blankets for you to cozy up, or beautiful decor and artwork to make each surface and corner of your home complete.

What's more, we specialize in styled vignettes! As interior decorators and home stagers we know what works well together, and so we pre-bundle items that come in from consignment into collections that can be added directly to your home as-is - like a personal interior design experience right in our store.

Thank you!

We love what we do and we love having the opportunity to have such a positive impact on peoples homes and the environment.
And we couldn't do it without you!

Our consignors and customers are part of a community that values things #reloved. We need both equally to keep this place going. We are simply the hub for Calgarians to buy and sell with each other in a beautiful and welcoming place. And we cannot thank you enough for being a part of it!